Heptonstall Post Office Community Share Offer - now closed

Target raise achieved

Key information

Share offer opens: 1st October 2021

Share offer closes*: 15th November 2021

* the offer may close earlier if the maximum target raise is reached and the offer may be extended slightly if we are just short of a target raise.

Minimum amount of shares you can apply for: £50

Maximum* amount of shares you can apply for: £15,000

* the amount of shares issued to any individual will be limited to
10% of the shares actually issued

Minimum target raise: £128,000 (formerly £90,000)

Maximum target raise: £158,000

The Standard Mark provides a framework for societies to develop high quality share offer documents with support from CSU accredited practitioners.

The Community Shares Standard Mark ensures that community share offers are clear, honest and transparent. They also ensure that investors are presented with all the facts they need to make an informed decision and these facts are supported by annual accounts and/or the business plan.

Standards are overseen by the Co-operative and Community Capital Committee, a member group of Co-operatives UK with representatives from across the sector.